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It is quite evident that fence installation is very important to make a solid enhancement in privacy and security. If we talk about the top-selling fences, vinyl fence will be one of them. The popularity of the vinyl fence is increasing day by day because of its durability and affordability. Well, the best part of the vinyl fence is that it elevates the beauty of your property to the next level and therefore, it will be very easy to create a solid impression upon your guests. We at Columbus Fence Company offer vinyl fence in three different forms- vinyl privacy fencing, vinyl picket fences and vinyl semi-private fencing. We have elaborated them below in order to give you a concrete idea.

So, don’t miss the following points:
  • Vinyl Picket Fence: If you are looking for a fence that has open sightline, this will be perfect for you. Well, it is not capable of giving you 100% privacy but, if we talk about security, you will definitely achieve desired outcomes.
  • Vinyl Privacy Fencing: If you are living in an area where privacy is the foremost concern, you must go with vinyl privacy fencing. We offer vinyl privacy fencing in white glossy colour. Along with it, you will get a linear texture over it. Ultimately, it will not only enhance the privacy but also elevate the look of your property to a different level.
  • Vinyl Semi-Private Fencing: If you want to give a dynamic look to your fence, you can install vinyl semi-private fencing. Yes, we offer vinyl semi-private fencing in various colours such asdark sequoia,weathered aspen,textured driftwood, and many more. It also comes up with alluring layouts. So, install vinyl semi-private fencing and create a solid impression upon your guests.
Vinyl fence is very sturdy and it has the capability to withstand against any natural disaster. So, if you want to install a durable vinyl fence around your property, Call us today at 614-482-2602 for your free estimate.
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